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The difference between a fixed rate and an adjustable rate mortgage is that, for fixed rates the interest rate is set when you take out the loan and will not change. With an adjustable rate mortgage, the interest rate may go up or down.

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Adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) are home loans with a rate that varies. As interest rates rise and fall in general, rates on adjustable rate mortgages follow. These can be useful loans for getting into a home, but they are also risky. This page covers the basics of adjustable rate mortgages.

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Adjustable rate mortgages can have a variety of caps to limit the changes to the loan. Some ARMs have periodic change caps, which limit the amount the interest rate can change each adjustment. For example, a 1 percent periodic cap on a 3/1 ARM would mean that the interest rate could not increase or decrease more than 1 percent after each year.

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An adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, is a home loan with an interest rate that can change periodically. This means that the monthly payments can go up or down. This means that the monthly payments.

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DEFINITION of ‘Adjustable-Rate Mortgage – ARM’. An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) is a type of mortgage in which the interest rate applied on the outstanding balance varies throughout the life of the loan. Normally, the initial interest rate is fixed for a period of time, after which it resets periodically, often every year or even monthly.

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